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Door Sign - Laser Cut

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Material: Solid Oak

Finish: Laser Burned Engraving, base wood treated with Acrylic Lacquer (for indoor use only)

Carving Type: Traditional (carved text) or Relief Carving (carved backing)


Small =160mm L x 50mm H x 8mm thick, (1 line of text only)
Medium =200mm L x 70mm H x 8mm thick, (upto 2 lines of text)
Large =240mm L x 70mm H x 8mm thick, (upto 2 lines of text)
Weight: Approx 0.1kg.

Please refer to the pictures above/below to see the range of options available with these signs.  If required please utilise the 'Comments' fields to clarify any ambiguities on your preferred layout (e.g. arrow to point left, or icon on right etc).

Upon receipt of your order we will email through a preview of your sign for approval (optional), at this stage design tweaks can be made free of charge.  Please respond to this approval as soon as possible to ensure prompt sign manufacture and delivery.

  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs

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