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Sign / Finger Post (Multiple Directions on 4" x 4" Post)

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Material: Solid oak sign, softwood (tanalised) post with oak weather cap.
Finish: Painted inlay with 3 coats of Danish oil.
Sign Size: Sign 550mm L x 120mm H x 25mm thick, text typically 40mm high (actual sizes will depend on contents and will be clarified at the preview stage).  
Post Size: 100mm x 100mm (4” X 4”) x 2.4m (~8ft) long (upgrade available upto 3m ~10ft).

This listing is for a single sign post with multiple pointing ‘fingers’ (upto 6 [as standard]). PRICE UPDATES BASED ON SELECTIONS MADE BELOW.

Single sided sign text is included in listing price with each sign finger morticed into the post providing a strong lasting joint.  

Please utilise the 'Comments' field (in conjunction with the schematics above to clarify any ambiguities on your preferred layout (e.g. “Sign 1 at Zero degrees ‘Farm House’, Sign 2 at 135 degrees ‘The Barn’ ”).  Upon receipt of your order we will email through a preview of your sign for approval, at this stage design tweaks can be made free of charge.  Please respond to this approval as soon as possible to ensure prompt sign manufacture and delivery.

Central oak post (instead of softwood) is an optional extra (selectable below), please be aware it is inherent with oak posts that splits are likely to be present and visible (this is often considered the rustic charm of Oak and does not effect the posts strength). 

When selecting post size please remember provision for post to be concreted into the ground (e.g. 2ft (600mm) underground).  3m posts recommended for assemblies with 3 signs or more (depending on directions).

Listing price incorporates provision for delivery cost to mainland UK (sign delivered in parts for [easy] assembly on site).  Due to the complexity of manufacturing these signs each order typically takes 3-4 weeks from order (unless advised to the contrary from our sales team).

Note:  If your have a request outside of our standard options (e.g. more than 6 fingers/pointers, or extra long post upto 3.6m) please contact our sales department direct.


  • Model: W_CARVPOST
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs

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